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A comprehensive range of styles, colours and textures, to choose from.


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Huge range of Dickson Fabrics

Although Dickson awning fabrics are primarily designed to provide effective protection from UV rays and heat, thanks to their unique coating, Dickson fabrics also afford protection against short showers and light rain.

Additionally, they are able to protect the awnings from the elements by preventing water and dirt penetration.

They are the ideal complement to exceptional spaces in cities, the countryside or at sea, they protect from natural hazards such as pollution, stains, sun damage and mold.

Both technically advanced and highly decorative, the fabric collections developed by the DicksonĀ® Design department are in tune with the latest trends.

There is a comprehensive range of styles, colours and textures, you can choose from and whatever your specific wishes and needs, our team will be able to advise you on the most suitable solutions..

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